What Are Traditions Around Engagement Rings?

Engagement rings symbolize the start of a deep commitment between two people in love. An engagement is a special moment for couples worldwide, and some cultures have unique traditions and meanings behind engagement rings. Here are some of those engagement ring traditions:

Ring Finger

The ring finger on the left hand has been believed to be the only finger with a vein that leads directly to the heart. This is where the tradition of wearing an engagement ring on the fourth finger of the left hand comes from. In some European countries like Germany and Russia, couples wear the engagement ring on the left hand until they are married, when they switch it to the ring finger on their right hand.


During a traditional proposal, a man gets down on one knee and asks for a woman’s hand in marriage. Some people believe this gesture was adopted from medieval times when knights kneeled on one knee before lords or ladies to symbolize allegiance, admiration, and humility.

Traditions and relationship dynamics have changed since then, and more women are proposing to their partners. Couples can also customize their proposal with romantic gestures that are special to the couple or commemorative of their shared experiences. These gestures could include a picnic in the park, a sunset boat ride, or even an extravagant destination proposal.

Promise Rings

Promise rings symbolize a commitment between two people who are not quite ready for an engagement ring. The tradition of promise rings dates back to the 16th century when they were given as a sign of love and devotion. Promise rings have evolved and are now considered pre-proposal rings. They often have smaller stones and a simpler band than a traditional engagement ring. Promise rings are a symbol of love and exclusivity in a romantic relationship before the formal engagement.

Heirloom Engagement Rings

Heirloom rings are typically passed down from generation to generation within a family. Heirloom rings have been a tradition for years, as they can hold special significance and sentimental value for the couple. Refurbishing and updating an heirloom engagement ring gives the ring a modern touch while maintaining the original design’s integrity.

Diamond Engagement Rings

Diamonds are one of the most popular stones used in engagement rings. The groom-to-be typically saves money to purchase a diamond engagement ring in secret and present it to his bride-to-be in a unique and romantic way. The style of diamond cuts can vary, with some of the most popular shapes being solitaire, square, oval, and pear. Some couples choose rings with three diamonds to represent their love’s past, present, and future.

Custom Engagement Rings

Couples can now choose unique, personalized rings that reflect their personality and style. Custom rings can be designed with specific stones, settings, and metal types. A popular custom engagement ring trend is to place a hidden engraving on the inside of the ring’s band. This secret message can be related to a special moment or memory the couple shares, making the ring even more intimate and sentimental.

Shop For Engagement Rings

Engagement rings represent the start of a lasting commitment between two people in love. The customs and traditions behind these rings make presenting and accepting them even more special. Every engagement ring has its own history and meaning, from traditional diamonds to beloved heirloom rings. Couples are becoming more creative in designing custom rings that reflect their style and relationship. Contact your local jewelry store today to learn more about shopping for the ideal ring.

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