An Introduction to Lobbying: What Is a Lobbyist and What Do They Do?

Statistics from 2022 show that there are 587 lobbyists working in the United States. Statistics also show that 52% of lobbyists are men, making the majority.

You may be wondering what is a lobbyist. This is a good question to ask, especially if you are considering going into this profession.

Lobbying has a lot of mystery around it for the majority of people. This guide will help to educate you on what is a lobbyist job and whether it is ethical or not.

Keep reading to find out what is a lobbyist and what the job entails.

Lobbyist Definition

If you are wondering what is a political lobbyist, there is a simple answer. A lobbyist is an advocate that helps to change political decisions professionally.

A lobbyist will do this on behalf of different organizations and individuals. They’re official members of the political process when it comes to politics.

Wondering what is a government lobbyist? Most states define it as an attempt to influence government action. This is often done through written or oral communication.

Lobbyists are able to encourage proposals of new legislation or amendments. There are rules regarding how lobbyists can do this so that they can’t pay politicians.

This is very important since it’s illegal to pay politicians to influence them. But some lobbyists are able to find other alternatives depending on the situation.

Some lobbyists are professionals with a set salary, while others are volunteers. There is really no limit to how much you can make as a lobbyist.

When it comes to what is a lobbyist salary, it depends on your location and your time. Those who do this full-time could earn a substantial amount if they provide enough value.

Lobbyist Jobs

Now that you know what is a lobbyist, what do they do? When it comes to what is a corporate lobbyist, they juggle many different tasks.

It is important to understand all of the things lobbying entails. Here are some examples of what a lobbyist will do day to day for their job.

Creates Materials

One of the main tasks when it comes to what is a lobbyist is creating materials. They are responsible for creating a variety of materials to promote their cause.

This could be anything from pamphlets to documents to videos. These are distributed to the public and government to influence their political decisions.

Material development is the main job they use to promote their cause. This depends on who they’re representing and what members they’re trying to influence.


To be a good lobbyist, you need to do a lot of research on political and legislative issues. Lobbyists do this to find out how their clients are impacted.

They research laws and regulations to find ways to improve them. Once they have solutions to make improvements, they can try to influence political members.

Laws and regulations can be very complicated so research is necessary. It is important as a lobbyist to present yourself in a professional manner.

A big part of this is being educated and understanding what you are trying to change. This will help support your cause and help you develop better solutions.


Lobbyists are also responsible for educating legislators and their staff. A lobbyist will represent their cause or client to explain the effects of a bill or law.

Education helps people in the political realm to have a better understanding. This could help to influence their decision and create different proposals that are more beneficial.

Sometimes this includes attending legislative committee meetings or different hearings. This is just one of the benefits of being a lobbyist.

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Influences Decisions

The main task that lobbyists have is to influence others. This is what this career was designed for to create a specific result.

Lobbyists can influence decisions by educating government officials. They can do this with materials and meetings as well as influencing public opinion.

Some government officials can be swayed if the public is on a specific side. All these things could result in laws being changed to support a cause or organization.


As a lobbyist, you also need to do a lot of networking. You will need it to form relationships with various members of government professionals.

They should know you and know what kind of causes you represent. It is also important to develop relationships with notable public members.

These are all people who will later be able to help you influence political stances.

Is Lobbying Ethical?

One thing that many people wonder about is whether lobbying is ethical or not. The good news is that this is a completely ethical career path as long as you do it the right way.

Lobbying needs to be done with honesty and integrity. Lobbyists should be truthful and always represent their cause in the best light with total transparency.

As long as a lobbyist has integrity and is doing this for the right reasons, it is completely ethical.

What Is a Lobbyist: Everything to Know

If you are interested in lobbying, you may be wondering what is a lobbyist. A lobbyist is someone who influences the public and government in certain political situations.

This can help to change political stances and future laws and legislations. Some lobbyists do this professionally or through volunteering.

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