When To Leave Bees vs Remove Them

Bees can be a serious pest problem if you’re allergic or have kids and pets who play close to the nests. If you find bees on your property, you can call a pest control company for professional bee removal. Bees also play a role in plant pollination and are good for the environment. You shouldn’t remove bees without considering if leaving them is the right decision. 

When To Remove Bees

Allergies, inconvenient locations, and structural damage are the main reasons for bee removal. You also don’t need bees close if your family wears perfume, cologne, deodorants, and aftershaves. Bees can confuse such products with floral scents and be attracted to your house. Here are four reasons to remove bees from your property:

1. Allergic Reactions

Consider removing the nests if you, your family, or your regular guest is allergic to bees. Bee venoms can cause unpleasant or even life-threatening reactions. Keep a safe distance from bee hives and call a professional to remove them.

2. Inconvenient Location

Sometimes the bee hives sit in an inconvenient location, like the patio roof or backyard tree. Bee stings are painful even if you don’t get an allergic reaction. To avoid stings, you need to stay away from the hives. Call in an expert to remove the next or relocate it to a safer location.

3. Structural Damage

Carpenter bees can build their hives inside your house walls, causing structural damage. The insects bore holes in wood and weaken your property over time. Hire a professional early to prevent the bees from infiltrating the walls.

4. Raising Bees

If you’re raising bees, you don’t need extra hives elsewhere on the property. You can remove the other hives to prevent overcrowding the area and losing your preferred population.

When To Leave Bees

Gardening and environmental responsibility are the top reasons for leaving bees alone. If no one is allergic and the bees aren’t bothering anyone, you can let them be. Leaving the bees can help protect their ecosystem and saves you from unnecessary spending. Here are three reasons for letting bees stay on your property:

1. Garden Pollination

If you have a garden with flowering plants, you need bees, birds, and insects for pollination. Bees travel from flower to flower, searching for nectar and carrying pollen around. They’re needed for pollination and are integral to the lifecycle of flowers and vegetables.

2. Environmental Responsibility

Dwindling wild bee populations can put a strain on wild and cultivated plants. Leaving wild bees on your property is one way to protect them from extinction. Keeping the bees also supports the ecosystem and prevents unnecessary disruptions. 

3. Bird Watching

Bees can attract different wildlife that depends on them for food. Beautiful birds like the ruby-throated hummingbird and the olive-sided flycatcher are known to track and eat bees. You may attract these birds to your property and capture fantastic photos if you leave the hives alone.

Professional Bee Removal Service

If having bees on your property is a concern, you can call an expert to remove them. Look for pest control companies offering professional bee removal services. You can relocate the bees further from your house or get rid of them altogether. Stick to leading pest control companies specializing in bees, termites, ants, and similar pests.

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