3 Common IT Problems for Businesses and How to Avoid Them

Did you know that close to 30 percent of American business is done online? If your computers don’t work, your business as good as dead. You might think you’re safe, but IT issues can strike out of nowhere and leave your business struggling.

So how do you prevent this?

To defeat the enemy, you have to know your enemy. By becoming familiar with the most common IT problems, you can better equip yourself to deal with them. This article will walk you through the top problems your business technology might face.

1. Low Employee Engagement

Did you know that some of the most prominent cybersecurity attacks out there could have been prevented by employee education?

Phishing attacks are still one of the most common types of attacks a hacker can use. These are extremely simple attacks to put together. They often involve sending an employee a link disguised as a trusted party; once the employee clicks the link, the hacker has access to your information.

These may seem easy to dodge, but cybercriminals are only getting better at dismissing themselves as trustworthy party. Phishing attacks are on the rise.

You need to make sure your IT team is holding regular IT meetings and updating your employees on the most recent developments in cybersecurity. Make sure the employees don’t just attend these meetings but engage with their messages.

2. Too Much Access

The most basic form of cybersecurity is using a password. The first thing we learn about keeping ourselves safe on the internet is to never give this password out.

However, how much access do your employees have? How much information is kept behind one password? If a cybercriminal can lift one of your employee’s passwords — even a low-level employee — will they be able to access top company secrets?

To keep yourself safe, you should have multiple tiers of access to your network. Build a pyramid of increasingly exclusive passwords containing more and more secure information.

3. Have a Managed IT Service

An internal IT problem can be good — but they often lead to more problems than solutions. If your company gets hit with a cybersecurity attack, you’re going to have to lend time and energy to deal with it.

This is why we believe it’s best for you to outsource your IT to a managed IT service. It will take off a good deal of stress from your business. Rather than IT problems falling on your head, they’ll fall on your managed team; view more managed IT services here.

Understand IT Problems

IT problems can bring your business to a grinding halt. Fortunately, if you understand the most common IT problems, you can prevent a disaster.

Make sure you properly educate your employees, consider the amount of access you grant them, and make use of a managed service, and you’re more likely to stay safe.

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