5 Common Errors with Pool Maintenance to Avoid for Landlords

All things considered, people probably enjoy swimming pools more than just about any other aspect of renting property. Unfortunately, the pool requires a lot of maintenance to make it usable – and your tenants may not be up to the task.

So it’s up to you as the landlord to maintain the pool of your property. This will keep your renters happy and reduce your stress. But what are some things that you should know about maintaining a pool?

Keep reading to learn about some common errors with pool maintenance and how you can avoid them.

1. Not Maintaining Alkalinity pH Level

When the alkalinity and pH level is too high, the water can become corrosive and irritating to swimmers’ eyes, skin, and overall comfort. If the alkalinity and pH level is too low, pool maintenance can become a challenge, and other water chemistry issues can occur. This includes blocked filters, calcium build-up, algae growth, and staining.

You should do regular pool inspections to test the pool’s alkalinity and pH level. Adjust it as needed with a pH down or a pH up solution. 

2. Not Cleaning Pool Filter Regularly

If a pool filter is not cleaned every few months, it can cause a gradual decrease in pool water circulation. This leads to decreased water clarity and the breakdown of particles.

To avoid this, you should clean the pool filter regularly. Sand filters should be removed and cleaned with a hose, while cartridge filters need to be taken apart and cleaned with soap and brush. You should also replace filters every two years to keep the pool up and running efficiently.

3. Not Brushing the Pool

Neglecting this task can lead to the build-up of algae, bacteria, and dirt on the walls and floor of the pool. This threatens the safety of swimmers and damages the pool’s appearance over time.

With consistent brushing of the pool, you can reduce the possibility of needing to do costly swimming pool repairs. Brushing is also effective in preventing problematic causes of pool damage. 

4. Adding Too Much Pool Shock Into Your Skimmer

Too much shock can be dangerous to swimmers and also make the water cloudy. So it is important to read the shock product’s label for specific instructions, as the amount of shock may vary based on the size of the swimming pool.

Furthermore, instead of simply pouring the shock into the skimmer, you should brush the pool before you add the shock. Then, you should apply it by slowly hand-broadcasting it into the pool.

5. Ignoring Professional Help

Landlords who ignore professionals with CPO certification when it comes to pool maintenance are setting themselves up for disaster. Regular cleaning and a pool maintenance routine are essential to keeping the water clean. This should ensure that all necessary systems are functioning properly.

Don’t take chances; it’s always a good idea to seek professional help to use the proper equipment and chemicals to properly maintain a pool.

Avoid These Errors With Pool Maintenance

Pool maintenance is a task that must be taken seriously. Simple errors with pool maintenance can be costly and time-consuming. The best way to avoid them is to keep up with regular pool maintenance to help you avoid any costly repairs in the future.

So be sure to contact a certified pool technician for any big projects or advice. You’ll be sure to keep your tenants satisfied.

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