7 Benefits of Virtual Office Addresses for Small Businesses

People today are taking matters into their own hands and learning how to run successful businesses. We’re living in the entrepreneur age, which means you need to stock up on the resources that will help you run your company on your terms. In this regard, having a virtual mailbox is one of the best investments that you can make.¬†

Virtual mailboxes have grown into a $1.5 billion industry in recent years. This is large because companies are catching on to the benefits of these tools, especially for small business owners. 

There are many points you need to consider when weighing the differences between having a virtual address vs. real street address. Here are the main advantages of having virtual office addresses for your small business. 

1. It Makes Your Company Appear More Professional

One of the main reasons to get a virtual mailbox is to give your company a more professional appearance. If you don’t have an office that you work out of, your options are typically only to use your home address or a PO box. A virtual mailbox gives you an even better option. 

Your brand will stand out and you’ll be able to market yourself more effectively when you have an address that is transparent and verified. People from the outside looking in won’t be able to tell the difference between a virtual and physical address. This is particularly helpful when you’re working from home but still want to be treated like a business. 

2. A Virtual Address Is Cost-Effective

Virtual addresses cost you a small subscription fee each month or year. These fees pail in comparison to the costs you would pay for an actual office space or another arrangement. Having such a cost-effective measure will help you keep your overhead costs low and your budget in order. 

This is one of the biggest factors when choosing between a physical address and mailbox that is virtual. Many new business owners feel the pressure that comes with having an office space, but they bite off more than they can chew too quickly. Having a virtual address does away with this need and lets companies grow when they’re ready. 

Being able to scale on your terms is important so you don’t rush into overspending. 

3. You Can Stay on Top of Registration and Other Official Business

The sooner you have a stable address, the better. When businesses first get started they often move from location to location before setting up shop permanently. Many companies rent before they purchase an office, so it’s possible that their addresses change several times in the first few years of business. 

Using a virtual address service lets you keep the same address no matter where you move until you’re ready to build your dream office. 

4. They’re Often Bundled With Other Services

You’ll also appreciate that you can get several other professional services to go with your virtual address. Companies often bundle virtual office addresses with services like:

  • Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone services
  • Business e-mail addresses
  • Document scanning services
  • Digital fax services
  • Phone forwarding and digital voicemail services
  • Small business website development and upkeep
  • Virtual address security and other protective measures

These are all-encompassing services that you’ll be able to take advantage of so that your business can communicate more effectively. You can take advantage of these services for a better price when they’re bundled with the same company. 

5. You Don’t Need to Maintain an Office Space

Getting a virtual address allows you to operate your business without having to worry about maintaining physical space. Aside from the monthly cost of rent or mortgage, there are a variety of other expenditures that come with having an office, including:

  • Hiring professional cleaning services
  • Maintaining the electricity, natural gas, and other utilities each month
  • Taking care of the grounds and landscaping
  • Handling the plumbing and upkeep of other fixtures
  • The travel involved in driving to and from work

You may also need to upgrade your decor and set up more work areas for employees to be constructive and take breaks. 

6. It Keeps Your Personal Information Private

A virtual business address also gives you a chance to keep your personal information private. Using your home address puts your privacy at risk and blurs the lines between your business and personal life. 

When you have a virtual address, it shows up as a number, street name, direction, and zip code that are unique, just like a physical address. You can feel confident publicly listing your business without compromising your sensitive information. 

7. You Can Easily Scale

Since it’s a virtual business address, you can scale your company however you’d like. It’s all digital, so you can easily add suite numbers or other extensions when you grow your company. You can also add new addresses for any other businesses that you decide to open. 

It’s a simple matter of adding to your account and paying an additional fee. This scaling is far less expensive and easier to handle than it would be if you were growing physical office space. 

The Advantages of Virtual Office Addresses

These tips explain why virtual office addresses are a must-have for your small business. If you’re ready to take advantage of these services, look for the help of a company that offers virtual addresses. Check for prices and packages that work for you and make sure to include the address on your marketing materials. 

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