Top Five Employee Communication Apps for 2022

Gone are the days when employees had to walk all the way down the hall, just to catch up with their teammates. Today, in the modern era of 24/7 connectivity at workplaces, we have tons of communication tools to stay in touch with our coworkers around the clock. The right communication apps not only allow us to interact effectively with our teammates on the go but also help us to enhance our productivity levels, no matter wherever we are working from.

Employee internal communication apps play a vital role in connecting organizations with their employees via several types of mediums such as messaging, calling, file sharing, etc. Typically, the main purpose of these apps is to promote two-way communication, personalization, and interactivity among employees.

The best part is that these apps also allow employees to browse workplace content and various types of organizational stories which can be further personalized for greater relevance. Now before we get into more details, let’s find out which communication apps have the best features for effective employee interaction. For your convenience, we have rounded up the top five picks from Google Play Store, in terms of rating and customer reviews.

Google Chat

Google – the brand says it all. Google Chat, previously known as Hangouts Chat, is ranked among one of the most reliable and frequently used apps for workplace communication. It is an ideal choice for all those organizations that are looking for high-end online apps for effective communication around the clock.

Google Chat stands out in the market due to its robust communication features and a super-clean and easy-to-use interface. Previously, the app was only available for specific work accounts, but thankfully, now it is accessible via your personal accounts as well.

Interestingly, Google Chat promotes communication via three mediums – Meet, Chat, and Rooms. For example, Google Chat Rooms are quite similar to Slack channels that provide a long-term collaboration platform for specific projects or teams in organizations. On the other hand, you have Google Meet, which is a high-end video conferencing tool for workplaces.

The best part is that Google Chat is absolutely free for personal use, however, it offers limited features only. Whereas, Google Workplace Plan comes with tons of additional features. But obviously, it is not for free – it starts from as low as $6 per month if you opt for Business Starter Plan.

Key Features

  • Instant screen-sharing options
  • Lag-free HD video conferencing and audio calls
  • Customized administrative settings
  • Compatible with several computing devices


It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Slack holds a big name in the industry when it comes to high-processing professional communication apps. It is mainly famous for its robust online conversation features such as video conferencing, channels, direct messaging, audio calling, and more.

Slack Channels work via exclusively dedicated spaces that allow various types of interactions among employees according to the subject, teams, nature of work, etc. Some of its most unique features include conversation filtration and threading, doc sharing, message history search, and more.

Currently, Slack offers three types of plans to its users – Limited, Pro, Enterprise Grid, and Business+. The Pro plan is an ideal choice for professional use, as it charges only $6.67 per user/month.

Key Features

  • Channel sharing, audio, and video conferencing.
  • Image, PDF, and video drag-and-drop and direct text messaging.
  • Exclusive Directory with 1500 Slack-integrated apps.


Flock is an ideal choice for employers that are looking for a one-stop solution to enjoy merged collaboration and communication with their workers. Besides its wide range of other online communication features, Flock is mainly popular for its high-end project management features and capabilities. The app offers direct 1:1 chat, conversation channels, lag-free video conferencing, screen sharing, and much more.

The best part is that Flock also allows you to add external users to your work projects. However, the app gives them limited access due to security reasons.

Currently, Flock offers three subscription plans to its users – Free, Pro, and Enterprise. Just as the name says, Free Plan doesn’t cost you anything and offers basic features only. However, its Pro plan offers ideal services to teams between 20-100 at a single time and costs $4.50 per user per month.   Just in case, you have a team of 100 or more, you can always rely on Flock’s Enterprise plan.

Key Features

  • Conversation channels, lag-free video, and audio calling.
  • Files drag-and-drop, direct, and group text messaging.
  • Preview of shared files, company contact directory, and app integration with more than sixty third-party apps.


Besides being an effective communication medium, Connecteam can be referred to as an all-in-one solution for organizations to manage workflow efficiently. It not only allows the employees to collaborate, and interact with each other on the go, but also provides them with tons of other communication tools to enhance their business communication effectively.

Some of its most commonly used features include direct 1:1 or private chat, work updates, employee directory, social posts, and more. The best part is that the app offers an exclusive HR box as well which can be used to send your feedback or suggestions to higher authorities.

Currently, Connecteam offers three subscription plans to its users – Basic, Advanced, and Expert for $29, $59, and $119 respectively.

Key Features

  • Private and group chat, frequent app updates, and project management.
  • Employee birthday updates, work announcements, weekly goals, and employee directory.
  • HR suggestion box and feedback surveys, along with work analysis, and assessment.

Before you download Connecteam on your PC, just remember that this app needs stable internet connectivity to work. Therefore, for an ultimate lag-free experience, you need to opt for a high-speed internet connection like CenturyLink internet which supports prompt browsing, and downloading 24/7.

Besides this, CenturyLink also offers super-affordable internet packages to all its users, starting from as low as $50 per month only. How cool is that? 


Chanty is another popular, and one of the most widely-used communication apps for professional setups in 2022. It allows users to enjoy instant video/audio calling, screen sharing, project management, and more.

The best part is that the app features an extremely robust, yet easy-to-use interface. It can be integrated with a wide range of other internet-enabled platforms such as Trello, Google Drive, Github, and Dropbox. Among all these high-end platforms, our favorite is the Teambook which allows you to organize and view all your contacts, work updates, and messages in one place.

Although Chanty is free to use for teams with up to ten members, it also offers an exclusive Business Plan for organizations that have a higher number of team members, starting from as low as $3 per user/month.

Key Features

  • Audio and video calling, along with unlimited message history.
  • Thread messaging, free Teambook access to view all content in one place.
  • App integration with several other communication platforms on the internet like Trello, Github, Google Drive, and more.

Final Word

That’s pretty much it from our side, folks. We hope you enjoyed reading about the best communication apps for workplaces in 2022. Just in case, none of the above-mentioned options ring your bell, please feel free to search for some other communication apps on the internet.

But, before you click on your web browser, just keep in mind that you are going to need a secure, and robust internet connection like CenturyLink to enjoy a lag-free browsing experience.

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