Photos to Take During Your Wedding

Seattle wedding photographers can help you capture the whole event, rendering precious moments unforgettable. Some wedding shots are a must-have. Here is a list of some images to take during your wedding.


The wedding starts as far as the moment a bride says ‘YES,’ so you should have an engagement shoot. These images will be used for your wedding invitations and can be displayed at the wedding. Having a photographer capture the moment on the knee or the couple’s kiss can offer something worth remembering.

Engagements are often private events, but having your photographer around will prove worth it. This shoot is also a great chance to get more comfortable in front of cameras as a couple. Your photographer will take several creative photos to familiarize your personality as a couple.

Pre-Ceremony Shoot

Your wedding photographer should take several photos before guests start streaming in. The photographer can get photos of the:

  • Wedding décor
  • Wedding program
  • Invitations
  • Special signages, gifts, and letters
  • The ceremony venue with landscape shots, seat arrangements, and an altar look from the back.

These shots before the ceremony are a great way to capture the little details. It also offers your photographer the chance to test their machines under the conditions. By understanding angles and lighting needs, they can capture immaculate photos of the event once it starts.

Wedding Preparation and Entourage Shoot

After adequate preparation for the main event, the photographer should capture wedding preparation photos. The bridal suite is one of the busiest places, and your photographer should be onsite to capture how everyone’s getting ready.

Here are some of the things that they have to capture:

  • The bride and her team getting ready, dressing, and applying makeup
  • The bridal accessories include close-up shots of the hairpiece, shoes, bouquet, and veil
  • A bridal gown on a dummy and after the bride wears it. Ask the photographer to focus on the design and intricate details of the dress.
  • Specific moments and feelings. There is tension and excitement right before the wedding, and getting some photos of the bridal party can help capture the emotions
  • The bride and her entourage made their way to the venue. A shot of the bride on the move is unique. Try capturing drone image shots of the procession for a once-in-a-lifetime photo

The groom’s camp is less exciting, but they should also have some limelight on the wedding day. Typical photos of candid moments from the groom’s camp include:

  • Arrival at the venue
  • A picture of the groom with his groomsmen and family
  • Random laugh moments as the groom interacts with guests at the wedding venue
  • Photos of an excited and nervous groom reciting their vows or getting advice from the best man

Down the Aisle

Walking down the aisle is the first time the guests and the groom see the bride in a gown. The bride moves down the aisle alongside either parent, with the congregation looking on. This shot should be the bride’s shining moment. Capturing the walk down the aisle and guest reaction offers picturesque scenery for a fantastic view.

You need to act fast since the walk down the aisle is often short-lived. The exclusive opportunity ends once the bride reaches the altar and is handed over to the groom.

First Look

Grooms are often dazzled to see the bride in a gown for the first time, and catching that moment makes a great shot. Capturing the first look on each soon-to-be couple’s face can create breathtaking images of candid moments. The first look is often brief and is not a pose, so you should work fast to get a shot.

The Ceremony

You’ll need to have images of key moments at the altar during the ceremony. Here are some photos to capture at the wedding ceremony:

  • The couple in front of the altar from the back
  • Wedding traditions, including cultural rites
  • The exchange of vows. Capture the couple looking tenderly at each other and have several close-up photos of the bride and groom.
  • Exchange of the rings
  • The first kiss and guest reactions
  • The recession: Dancing, crying, hugging, and showering in confetti are all worth capturing.

The Reception

Receptions are a common tradition after the wedding, so the photographer should be onsite to take photos of the venue and other wedding elements like:

  • The wedding cake
  • Reception decorations pre-reception
  • Table setting, including place cards, champagne, centerpieces, and aerial shots of the tables
  • Reception photos of the guests. These often depict happy times, reveling in the joy of having newlyweds.

Hire Seattle Wedding Photographers for Memorable Moments

Capturing breathtaking wedding photos adds to the event’s long-lasting celebration. Seattle wedding photographers have a short list of creative photo ideas for the whole event. Working with the experts helps you to get the best shots of events as they unfold.

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