The Hardest Quests in OSRS Gold

There are tons to try to do once you are enjoying OSRS in terms of difficulty yourself. you would possibly be wanting to travel from rags to wealth by assembling the maximum amount of OSRS gold as doable. or even you pay tons of your time grinding your skills to ninety-nine. Well, if you’d prefer to extremely challenge yourself, then examine the subsequent old-fashioned Runescape hardest quests that you just will participate in.

Mourning’s finish half II

You have to allow credit to the present quest in terms of its visual style. Visually, it’s terribly spectacular once you compare it to tons of alternative OSRS hardest quests. that’s just about the last of the compliments which will run to the present quest unless you actually crave painfully onerous questing.

The Mourning’s finish half II quest is created of a lightweight puzzle, within which you’re needed to use totally different structures to deflect lightweight so as to open floor panels and doors. Don’t feel shamed by ANy means that whatever if you were to use an old-fashioned Runescape quest guide for this. The puzzle in any case is one of the toughest within the entire game.

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To prepare, having high light soreness could be a should, and you’ll be praying scrimmage tons too thus ensuring you’ve got the relevant gear. to begin the Mourning’s finish half II quest itself, you would like to travel to Lleyta over within the Elven lands and check with Arianwyn.

Monkey Madness II

The Monkey Madness sequel is quite deserving of its place on the list. one amongst the few participant quests within the game, this outing takes you across 5 chapters with a mix of puzzling and significant combat to own to touch upon. Stats like level sixty-nine person and seventy craftings are about to be needed too, and also the ability to form your well past OSRS bosses that may take a look at your talents to the easy lay.

One significantly troublesome facet of this Monkey Madness II quest is Kruk. this is often a mini-boss of types that you just face in the second chapter. With a range of designs in his arsenal and also the ability to dish out super significant harm, you’re about to have a tough time if you enter unprepared. Then in chapter three, you’ve got to touch upon a troublesome puzzle that may cause you to begin once more if you fail it.

To make matters worse, you then need to touch upon the last OSRS boss that has 3 phases. you’re about to ought to be totally ready for the last innovate explicitly. You won’t whip out the twisted bow, however, you would possibly wish to shop for OSRS gold to assist prepare.

Song of the Elves

This is another participant quest wherever you’ll have your stats mighty high, have on-point reactions, and also the ability to unravel troublesome puzzles. we tend to are about to need to subsume another lightweight puzzle here too during this final entry of the elf quest series. to not mention the last OSRS boss that has AN attack which will leave you with one hitpoint left over. thus if you’re enjoying as a hardcore iron man character, this is often about to be a frightening prospect so.

To prepare, you’ll need to get your skills up to seventy in many skills. These embrace light soreness, Herblore, Smithing, Woodcutting, Mining, Farming, Construction, and Hunter. to begin the Song of the Elves quest itself, head to East Argougne and check with Almond. If you would like to induce some further OSRS medico by finding OSRS gold available, then make certain to try to do this.

Dragon person II

With needs that vary from two hundred quest points, would possibly ability and combat levels, and a full bunch of old-fashioned Runescape quests that require to be completed, you’ll be able to see why Dragon person II is on here. Your job is to search out some way to unlock a secret space on Lithkren victimization 3 key items.

In order to try to do this, you’ve got to survive deadly locations, fight a variety of OSRS bosses, and once more, solve puzzles. The last OSRS boss is created of four phases within which you’ll fight many dragons.

With high hitpoints and levels, they’re most actually a force to be reckoned with. In fact, this is often the toughest quest boss within the game, thus ensure that you’re prepared.


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