Video Converter Review by Wondershare – Easily export mov to mp4 and more

Hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech and I wanted to show you wonder share video converter this is the Ultimate Editionit’s available through both Mac and PC and a lot of you have asked me how do you convert different files or even download them from different sites things like that and this program will allow you to do that now I’ve partnered with wondershare to sponsor this video and this particular program will be linked in the description below now as you can see here we have some options across the top we have to convert download burn transfer and toolbox.

So let’s take a look at convert and I’ll add a file now you ought to make sure that you own these files or you have permission to use them of course and here’s a video I made about cleaning air pods and you can add multiple videos at once if you want to convert them so let me add another one here and these are the input files and this is the output file so here you can see there.

MOV files here’s the length the file size and the resolution that they’re in and you’ll see here we have the target that we’re changing it to or we could convert it to anything we’d like so you’ve got a bunch of different things you can convert to if I click this button here you’ll see all the file formats you can also get to the same place here by clicking this down arrow.

So if you open this up you’ll see there are a ton of different file types in fact I don’t think there’s any that I wouldn’t want so or wouldn’t be able to find rather so you’ll see we have everything from FLV Vimeo mp4 mov MKV or we can export just the audio or adjust it even for things like AG forbus or flack lossless encoding or lossless quality codecs and then we also have different devices that we can export to specifically even Huawei devices or HTC and Samsung.

if you want to export to something specifically for a specific resolution for a device this has it there so it’s pretty impressive that way and it will also look at the different editing codecs on your device so you have everything from Final Cut or if you’re using premier you’ll have those available and it’s pretty nice and very thorough as far as what’s available now you can change the audio format here you’ve got your subtitle editions if you want to add subtitles you got different information you can change here as well as far as metadata and then we can edit it or change.

The file sizes things like that now over here we can trim the clip so maybe we don’t want the clip to be as long or we want to split it into two clips we can do that and then also you’ve got some adjustments here as well you can enhance it change what it looks like and you have real-time adjustments so you can see what it looks like so it’s pretty nice change the contrast if you want saturation or whatever you’d like to do with it you can do you can also watermark.

it so if you like I do here often watermark all my videos you can watermark them again add subtitles and change the audio volume so cancel that and let’s take a look at the other options so we have the option to download different files and now again you want to make sure that you have permission or that you’re on a website that you own and you want to download these

if you lost access to it or something like that we have hides high-speed download here we also can record a video but if we want to paste the URL we can do that and pull the video in and download it that way we also can burn a DVD if you have a DVD burner or pull files off of a DVD and then we can transfer as well so it says connecting to your device I have my iPhone plugged in you’ll see it sees it up here in the upper right so you’ll see.

it found my phone that’s plugged in it says two ways to transfer files and you can add files to it so maybe I want this one will load and then I can transfer it to my phone so where it’s kind of difficult to transfer different files to different devices on iPhones and things like that this will allow you to do that pretty simple and go the other direction as well and then probably my favorite thing here is the toolbox you can fix media metadata you can compress the video you can cast your video to a TV.

So if you have a different television available for casting this says no device found but let’s see if we can find anything I don’t have any let’s see if I have a file I can cast to television you’ll see here and you can add any of your different favorite cast or Chromecast devices now again we have more assistant tools such as a screen recorder like I’mrecording now you have a Jif or gif maker or a DVD copy tool so maybe you want to make a Jif or gif out of whatever file click okay.

let’s go to a file here and if I want to make a Jif or gif here I say gif you may say diff, either way, I believe it’s jiff so you can change the duration and then you can just create one from this we’ll just save it to the desktop here we’ll create it right now it’ll pull that out of the file and it will create the file so let me open it you’ll see it created it for me so I could share that to social media so it has a lot of really great features that are simple and straightforward this is so easy-touse and I think will benefit a lot of people

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